New Blazing Fast AMP News Site with Drupal & NextJS

This weekend we unleashed, a blazing fast full AMP news portal implemented on Drupal + NextJS + Vercel.

Ally to the people, right on: Part two.

On this post we'll discuss keyboard navigation: visual feedback, order, and focusable elements.

Drupal 8 Metatags inheritance for Images

Create a default image for sharing purposes that can be overriden by a more specific configuration in your content type.

Sort daily papers by learning users topics preference

Current daily paper releases are becoming increasingly large and areas of research are growing in diversity. This makes it harder for scientists to keep up to date with current state of the art and identify relevant work within their lines of interest. The goal of this article is to address this problem using Machine Learning techniques, Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) in this opportunity.

You get a11y, you get a11y, everyone gets a11y!

Get accessibility tips on how to handle color on your website to better reach your user.

Meet our new AI team

We are pleased to announce to our friends and customers the launch our Artificial Intelligences & Machine Learning Cunsulting Serivces. We now provide AI software development for our customers who want to apply smarter solutions to their business problems.

Adding Compass to a local dev environment with Lando

One of my coworkers asked me to set up a Lando dev environment for him, with the possibility to run Compass commands from within the Lando containers.

Local playground project with Lando for Drupal 8

How to set up a Drupal 8 local development environment to test things out (whatever is on your developing mind) with Lando and Composer.

COVID-19 showed us that nearshoring from Latin America makes more sense than ever

The crisis caused by COVID-19 showed us that countries like India and the Philippines do not have a good infrastructure and most people do not have internet at home. So nearshoring from Latin America makes more sense than ever.