Career Highlights

Theoretical and Phenomenological Physicist working on LHC signal and background data for 20 years. Professor of AI at UNSAM University

2000 - Graduated
Master in Theoretical Physics Institute Balseiro, Bariloche (Argentina)
2005 - Attained PhD.
PhD in Theoretical Physics Valencia University (Spain)
2012 - Postdoc
Theoretical Physics Stanford University (USA)
2016 Scientific Manager
International Center for Advanced Studies ICAS (Argentina)

Education & Employment

  • Master in Theoretical Physics Institute Balseiro, Bariloche (Argentina)

    Prize First of the Class

  • PhD in Theoretical Physics Valencia University (Spain)

    Thesis: CP, T and CPT analyses in EPR-correlated B0 B0 decays

  • Professor Physics University of Buenos Aires UBA (Argentina)
  • Professor Physics University of Buenos Aires UBA (Argentina)
  • Regular Associate ICTP (Italy)

    International Centre for Theoretical Physics

  • Postdoc Stanford University


  • Scientific Manager ICAS (Argentina

    International Center for Advanced Studies


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Full formation to PhD level.


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Skills & Expertise

I am passionate about finding out how the Universe behaves Beyond the Standard Model. As most of HEP physicists, one of my major concerns is how the Dark Matter puzzle is solved. I enjoy doing research in phenomenology in High Energy Physics and trying to further understand how Nature behaves. I also love teaching and advising Master and PhD students.


  • Phenomenology of high energy physics and astro-ph. I look in detail LHC, astrophysical and other relevant experiments and try to understand how Nature behaves beyond our current understanding. I am passionate in finding out what is the theory that follows the Standard Model, and also what is Dark Matter. I am also very interested in recent progress in all other fields of Science and I do my best to keep track of relevant news about this. I pursue to conduct science to best serve public interests. I am involved and very interested in promoting women in science; 60% of my PhD students are women. I am interested in enhancing knowledge and intelligence in the Developing World as an added value for improving the quality of life as a whole


  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Management
  • Scientific and funding strategy
  • Computer Sciences and Development
  • Current daily paper releases are becoming increasingly large and areas of research are growing in diversity. This makes it harder for scientists to keep up to date with current state of the art and identify relevant work within their lines of interest. The goal of this article is to address this problem using Machine Learning techniques... read more

    Intelligent Arxiv: Sort daily papers by learning users topics preference
  • The appearance of a new dangerous and contagious disease requires the development of a drug therapy faster than what is foreseen by usual mechanisms. Many drug therapy developments consist in investigating through different clinical trials the effects of different specific drug combinations by delivering it into a test group of ill patients, meanwhile a placebo treatment is delivered to the remaining ill patients, known as the control group ... read more

    A Machine Learning alternative to placebo-controlled clinical trials upon new diseases