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High impact web site to effectively reach new clients and provide an edge over the competition.

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We created a new content management system in conjunction with SecureAuth using Drupal 8


SecureAuth acquired a company for which we had developed their website. With this new service they needed a change in their page to reach new clients and get an edge over their competition.

As part of the requirements they wanted a Content Management System that will allow SecureAuth to administer a new site and easily manage it’s content. The new site needed to load quickly, be responsive and very simple for their team to update and of course it should be search-engine friendly. Additionally, they needed a blog that gives them a voice to position themselves as leaders in the industry and engage with their target audience.


To be able to reach the requirements we decided to use Drupal 8 since it’s the content management system that was built from square one with the anticipation and extensibility needed to optimize every node, every view, and every snippet of code for search engines. We believe Drupal 8 is the superior method for creating and marketing a website to the world.


We are proud of the Website that resulted from this project. We believe that with this new platform the SecureAuth Digital Precence will help the company grow it’s customer base and optimize conversion rate. It offers relevant information, gives current and potential clients the means to contact the firm making it friendly for mobile devices.

We invite you to take a look around the new SecureAuth site and experiment a nice user experience.

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