World Bank/CGAP Customer-Centric Guide

With CGAP we created the Customer-Centric Guide to help resolve financial inclusion challenges.

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Drupal 8 Full Responsive Website

We developed a one-off full responsive Drupal 8 brochure type site.


As part of the World Bank, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) is a global partnership of 34 organizations that seeks to advance financial inclusion. They contacted us to help them with the development of a new Website to provide a collection of hands-on toolkits and experiments to their users. The site ad to be fully responsive, easy to publish and modify content for non technical people, integrated with a video platform like Youtube or Kaltura and have the capability to deliver resources to their users like: toolkits, case studies, tips & templates.


We were exited to be involved in this project beacuase by the end It will have helped poor people in their low-income ventures.So we developed a Content Manager System based in Drupal 8, of which we are proud of what it means for users and because we had very little time to be online (a month and a half), achieving a super adjusted result. Plase take the time to check the final result at

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