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Brand new multi-language site developed  with Drupal 8

We are very proud of the result of this project because of the simple and beautiful way in which the new site is viewed and how happy users are.

Project Summary

IJNet has been our client for years, and this time, we were in charge of taking their 5-year-old Drupal 7 site and updating it to a brand new Drupal 8 site. This meant migrating over 5000 nodes in 7 different languages, including right-to-left scripts. We could say that the biggest challenge here was to upgrade the old site without missing any of it's former great functionalities, but also adding a little something extra that could show our clients that Drupal could be modern, lighter, and trendy.

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Easy to use and user friendly interface for the site visitors.

We decided to try partially decoupled Drupal with Angular 6 and aim for a more relaxed and lightweight user experience. This was both a challenge and a great experience, mixing the best of both worlds. Drupal is, and has been, our knight in shiny armor, giving us backend functionalities that always exceed the needs of our clients, and now Angular provided the easy-to-use and user-friendly interface for the site visitors. The road was challenging and enlightening in every way, and the results were rewarding.

We have very much enjoyed the hands-on support we get from easytechgreen that makes our lives so easy and is just great to work with. We very much appreciate the flexibility in our working relationship – we know sometimes last-minute tasks come up on our end, easytechgreen's team is always very responsive to our needs.

David Maas ( IJNet Manager ) 

Fast, light and beautiful Drupal 8 site

Our new site (yes, it is our new site, because to us our projects are like our babies) turned up to be fast, light and very easy to use. Performance-wise it improved in site loading time and resource usage, and in terms of user experience, we were able to provide a more polished interface and realtime feedback to our end-users, it's simply beautiful. We invite you to take a look around, at ijnet.org, the brand new International Journalists' Network site.

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