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Creating an innovative web site 

We are very proud of the result of this project because of the simple and beautiful way in which the new site is viewed and how happy users are.

Project Summary

The real estate company Realty One Group needed to rebuild their site from scratch. They had a few very important things in mind: SEO, accessibility, rebranding and an amazing innovative and user friendly design experience in mind.  

We based our solution in Drupal 8 and we thought long and hard on how to implement each feature of the design, to give as much flexibility as possible

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Accessibility is now one of our biggest concerns

We based our building structure in the almighty paragraph's module: the Drupal’s building toy blocks that we can use to do almost anything. We thought long and hard on how to implement each feature of the design, to give as much flexibility as possible. Likewise, we also adapted the backend to our clients' needs by putting ourselves in their shoes, adding some great backend modules and the right amount of custom work.

Furthermore, we also learned a lot along the way, and we put it to good use. Accessibility is now one of our biggest concerns, so we made sure that the site can be navigated by keyboard, the contents are reader-accessible and our client’s users can get the most out of their browsing time.


Fully responsive work of art

The final result is a fully responsive work of art, content-editor friendly, brand representative, with accessibility as the first priority. Drupal 8 all the way, meaning it’s powerful, secure, and ready to take on many more challenges. The client is happy, and so are we (how could we not?).  

We’re proud of the result of these months of hard work, and can’t wait to present to you, the new site.

Easytechgreen's team worked hard to bring our unique brand and design requirements to life, creating an exceptional online experience for our users to engage with.  The intuitive web development solutions Easytechgreen provides to meet our business needs have resulted in exceeding our performance goals.

Sevag Sarkissian​ (Director of Digital Marketing)

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