San Andrés University

Innovative Decoupled Website

We loved to develop the new University decoupled website with a mobile-first approach and accessibility in mind with Drupal & NextJS

Project Summary

The San Andres University has been our client for about 4 years now. This time they asked us to work together to relaunch their main site.

Before providing us the requirements of the new site, they carried out a user experience research process with interviews, focus groups, surveys and data analysis of their current site. The result of this process made it very clear that they needed a website that would be more accessible, would look incredible on mobile and that the user experience should be fantastic.

They used Drupal for their sites, which is why we suggested to continue using it in their new site but this time with a decoupled approach, a solution that, at the time of thinking about this project, we had enough experience with to be confident that the project would be a success.

Therefore, the client gave us the design and we started the journey of developing a decoupled website using Drupal 9 in the back-end and NextJs in the frontend.

Content Creation

The client needed great versatility when generating content to be able to create pages in a simple and dynamic way, being able to choose the layout of each page using a collection of building blocks that allowed them to pick and choose. To achieve this we developed 8 content types, 30 paragraph, 9 media types and 13 custom modules.

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Mobile Experience

From the beginning, the idea was that the mobile experience would be pleasant for the user. For this, we where not only concerned that it be an easy-to-use site, but also that the entire experience be pleasant, from loading times to small visual details that make the user feel comfortable while browsing the site.


In this opportunity we carried out several integrations, some from Drupal and others from NextJS (this is one of the advantages of decoupling). We integrate with Mercado Pago, a payment processor used for fundraising and donations. We also integrated with Salesforce and Symposium, the latter a system for organizing university events.

Tech Innovation

The last two year we have been working in decoupled websites using Drupal and NextJs but this time as part of Pantheon’s Early Access program we went live with one of the first sites on their decoupled infrastructure. We are very happy to be part of the innovation on Pantheon.

As part of Pantheon’s Early Access program we went live with one of the first sites on their decoupled infrastructure.

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